Minot, ND: NW Clinical Campus Librarian – University of North Dakota

We are currently hiring a Librarian for our NW clinical campus in Minot, ND. This librarian will serve as the research and education librarian for the UND faculty, staff, students and residents on the NW clinical campus. In addition, you will serves as the Director of the Hospital Library at Trinity Health. This dual positon is a great opportunity to get experience in a variety of library endeavors. You will do reference consultations and literature searches. Teach sessions to students and residents. Provide acquisitions and circulation for a small collection. Participate in planning for a new library being built for Trinity Health. Answer urgent physician questions. Help a newly diagnosed patient find education materials. Exhibit at local conferences. Help faculty find open education resources. Aid a student in finding somewhere to publish their article. And much more.

If you don’t want to be bored, apply for this position. MLS earned by June 2017 will be considered. Closing date is May 5th, 2017.

https://und.edu/finance-operations/human-resources-payroll/careers/secure/job-openings-external.cfm  – Job ID 3314


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