Falls Church, VA; Photo Librarian and Cataloger, International Affairs Program


Lead a photo and image library organization and improvement project for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) International Affairs Program (IAP) portfolio of 2,000 high-value images. IAP coordinates domestic and international efforts to protect, restore, and enhance the world’s diverse wildlife and their habitats with a focus on species of international concern including – but not limited to – elephants, tigers, great apes, sea turtles, and rhinoceros. You will help IAP manage their image collection so they can improve their storytelling and promotion of the program’s good works via publications, websites, presentations, articles, and social media. If you have the skill and interest in doing this job, apply today!


  • Standardize a collection of high-value images
  • Use specified naming conventions for all work
  • Label all image files with critical information, e.g., species, names, location, name of image credit-holder
  • Interface with managers to access to 2,000+ image files across 40+ shared drives, external drives, and PC folders
  • Organize and manage image access permission forms
  • Develop a simple and well-organized tree of predefined folders on the FWS shared drive
  • Organize images on the shared drive using the folder system
  • Help acquire new and creative images, e.g., common use, public domain, and federal agency
  • Participate in periodic meetings to help FWS managers
  • Catalog and index photos according to the Dublin Core “digital library card catalog” schema – explained once project starts



  • Competency in photo library management
  • Competency in organizing, managing, cataloging, and indexing photographic images
  • Competency in Microsoft Office and working with folders, sub-folders, and shared drives
  • Highly detail-oriented



  • Bachelor’s degree in library sciences or like major



  • 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041



  • Standard eight (8) hour business day



  • TERM Employment – 1 October 2017 to 31 March 2018



  • U.S. Citizen eligible to pass government minimum background investigation